Blue Ice Cod Liver Oil

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Blue Ice Cod Liver Oil

Not like other Cod Liver oils that are distilled (using high heat), Blue Ice Cod Liver Oil is the product of months of fermenting. This distinctive extraction process generates oil that is significantly wealthier in nutrients. If truth be told, it encloses lots of nutrients that have no existence by any means in other oils. This product is affluent in pigments not like the clear yellowish uniformity of refined oils. This oil is extremely well-off in vitamin D and A. It holds a very fit ratio of the two to each other, which is significant in working together. The cod utilized in this creation has produced a high cleanliness level due to the lack of environmental contaminates. Blue Ice Cod Liver Oil is the finest, most nutrient dense Cod Liver oil for a number of reasons:

•    Unique nutrient profile
•    Serving size is small
•    Cost per dose is excellent
•    Possess variety of enzymes/nutrients absent in industrialized products  
•    Does not contain any added vitamin E.

There is a considerable quantity of Vitamin D and Vitamin A in every bottle though the amount varies extensively from one batch to the next. Just as superior wines vary from one year to the next, fermented oils differ based on time of year the fish were caught and what the fish were feeding on.

A normal diet doesn’t offer sufficient of these vitamins, useful for bones and teeth. Cod liver oil is as well a wealthy source of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docasahexaenoic acid). These are fatty acids essential for the appropriate function of the nervous system and brain. They can be created in body from omega-3 linolenic acid, but in some conditions, e.g. insufficiencies of nutrients or diabetes they must be taken as a supplement. Scarcity of the omega-3 acids creates also an inequity in the omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids ratio and contributes to blood vessel and heart disease.

Remember always that each bottle of Blue Ice Cod Liver Oil will differ as this is an artisan food and not a mass produced fish oil product. Taste, color, and nutrient intensity will contrast from season to season so don’t be stunned when your first bottle is unlike than the second. Because this oil retains all of the original nutrients, be positive to buy a flavored edition if you are a first time as the unflavored can be tough. For utmost benefit, be certain to use X Factor Butter oil in combination as the two appear to have a synergistic effect when used jointly. Take pleasure in the benefits of healthy fats (EPA/DHA), scores of vitamins, and exceptional nutrient metabolites just like the Vikings of old.

Lastly, Renewed Health Supply wants to be definite that Blue Ice Cod Liver Oil can be used by any age. Renewed Health Supply stock a selection of flavors for all kinds of taste buds, from Flavor Free all the way up to Cinnamon. There is a selection for children and complicated taste buds. The cinnamon flavor is highly recommended for anyone who is a child or has issues with fish flavor.